Dance Floor Etiquette

  • Do not block access to the dance floor. The purpose of the dance floor is well…for dancers to dance!. So smoking, eating or loitering on the dance floor is not allowed.
  • When entering the dance floor for a line dance, proceed from the sides and fill up the line from the center out. That way, you are not cutting across rows of dancers. Don’t try squeezing in between dancers, instead go to the back. Keep lines straight and even, it looks better! And make sure to save some space around the perimeter of the dance floor allowing people to leave the dance area.
  • Dances that are called out have priority above anything else. Should you decide to dance something else, you can do so in another area of the dance floor, space permitting.
  • As dances are called, make you way to the dance floor fairly quickly as the DJ usually waits for all dancers to be in position to start the music.
  • All progressive dances move counter-clockwise. The outside circle is for faster dancers and the inner circle reserved for slower dancers. The middle area is for line dances.
  • There’s no need to look at your feet, they won’t disappear ! Look up and smile…you are fabulous!
  • Making fun of other dancers’s style or mistakes won’t accomplish anything so refrain from doing it. Let’s not forget to embrace our diversity!
  • Small variations in choreographies happen from time to time depending on the region or the way the dance was taught. Be a good sport, go along with it.
  • If you make a mistake, try to pick it up will observing what other dancers are doing. Never rely on your neighbour since he/she could have it wrong also! Don’t quit at the first mistake, just keep going and trying catching up, it will jog your memory.
  • When asking a dance partner to dance, ask politely, don’t force it on someone. If you don’t want to dance, be nice about it. Turn down a dance, not a dance partner.
  • Above all, courtesy is the most important ingredient. Accidents or bumps occurs from time to time, so apologize whether guilty or not! A smile goes a long way. Finally, just relax and have fun while doing it.

Etiquette during the teaching of a course

  • Respect the teacher’s teaching, the rhythm of performance and the steps of choreography taught. If you have questions or questions about dance steps, please contact the teacher directly at an opportune time, either by raising your hand or waiting for a break during the lesson.
  • Respect the learning level of the participants and the course taught. The teaching of a beginner course will be done for a beginner level, and the teaching of other levels (intermediate, advanced) will be done for participants who are comfortable at these levels.
  • Avoid making comments about other participants.
  • Don’t answer in the teacher’s place. It is a sign of respect to be encouraged in the Club!