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Club Bolo – Danse Country Montréal

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News from Club Bolo

30 years of fun, friendship, and dance

On May 4th, we will proudly celebrate thirty years of passion and connections woven through dance.

This anniversary evening will be the perfect opportunity to revel and share magical moments on a dance floor pulsating to the rhythm of music and ‘stomp’!

Save the date on May 4th in your calendar and join us.

More details to come on our website.




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Club Bolo
715, Desmarchais Blvd.
Verdun (QC) H4H 1S7

Phone : (514) 849-4777
Email : info@clubbolo.com

Facebook :Club Bolo – Danse Country Montreal

Please note : Our dance courses take place on the premises of the Association sportive et communautaire du Centre-Sud, just north of Ontario street …  Here’s the address: 2093 de la Visitation Street, Montreal (QC) H2L 3C9

About Club Bolo

Club Bolo offers classes and open dance evenings. It is also a social club where people enjoy meeting each other. A sense of hospitality and friendship has characterized us for over 20 years! We are a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers.

All our dance classes are taught by talented instructors in many styles including: line dancing, partner, contra and mixers. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. You can choose the level of difficulty the most appropriate for you. Our dance class sessions run from September to December and January to June.

Stepsheets are available in Choreographies, and you can see a demo video for the most recent ones (YouTube).

Club Bolo hosts two special events called Stomps and also various activities during the year.

Club Bolo History

CLUB BOLO DANSE COUNTRY MONTRÉAL was established after a first meeting held on February 5, 1994 by two couples of friends. Kenneth G. Bockus, Pierre Pelosse, Alain Dansereau and Alan Gaudet put their efforts together in order to show the Montreal gay and lesbian community this new country dancing activity.

Teaching began in April of 1994. Back then, lessons were taught at the “Comité Social Centre-Sud” located on Beaudry Street in Montréal. The facilities were rented every week for teaching. One Saturday per month a larger room was rented to host what was called and still remains “Barn Dance”. That evening would provide members with the opportunity to practice dances they had learnt within the month.

We rapidly noticed a need to get together more often than once a month for the free dancing. Our members, gays in mojority could not go to heterosexual dance clubs since these did not tolerate to see same sex couples dancing together.

From then on it was becoming imperative to establish permanent quarters for the Club. A location was found in January 1995. Official inauguration was warmly welcomed by enthusiastic members back in May of 1995.

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